How To Uninstall and Install Xtreme Download Manager Ubuntu 22.04

Updated: July 16, 2022

Do you recall ever hearing of Xtreme Download Manager? It is also referred to as XDM and is a well-liked cross-platform download manager for Linux and other operating systems. Additionally, we may incorporate this download manager with several browsers, including Edge, Firefox, Chrome, and others. With XDM, we can plan and resume downloads, throttle download bandwidth, classify downloads, and download several files at once. In this guide, I’ll demonstrate how to install Xtreme Download Manager (XDM) on Ubuntu 22.04.

Xtreme Download Manager Features

As we mentioned above, it is a popular application because it has many features that other applications didn’t have. Some of its features are:

  • Compatible with major web browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, etc: When you attempt to download something via your web browser, you should instead download directly through XDM.
  • Supporting pause and resume operation
  • Supporting proxy servers.
  • Supporting download speed acceleration.
  • Supporting setting a download speed limit.
  • Downloads can be scheduled.
  • It can work on Linux, Windows or macOS.

Prerequisites to install Xtreme Download Manager on Ubuntu

  • Operating System: XDM is a cross-platform application so it can work normally on any OS, but in this tutorial, I will use Ubuntu 22.04 to install and uninstall it, you can also apply this guide on older Ubuntu versions.
  • Privileges: Check to see if your Ubuntu has sudo permissions.

Install Xtreme Download Manager on Ubuntu 22.04

XDM is a popular Ubuntu application used by many users so we can easily install this application on your Linux system. Just following these steps. These steps not only work on Ubuntu but also on any Linux distributions such as Pop OS, Elementary OS, etc.

Step 1: Go to its downloading page

You will need to go to Download Xtreme Download Manager to get the latest XDM version. Then, you need to choose the Linux installer button to download it to your Linux OS.

Go to Xtreme Download Manager page to get latest version to Ubuntu 22.04

You can also run this command in your Ubuntu Terminal to get it faster:


Step 2: Extract the installer you just have downloaded

You can browse to the installer’s folder, right-click it, and extract it with the Archive Manager, which is installed by default on Ubuntu 22.04 and earlier. You can extract it faster by using the command line.

sudo tar -xvf xdm-setup-7.2.11.tar.xz

Step 3: Run the installer script

Once unpacked, look for a file called in the extracted folder. You will now need to use Linux commands to install the installer because it will take less time than installing Xtreme Download Manager using the GUI. To install XDM, run this command.

sudo ./

After that step, you can now enjoy this application on your Ubuntu 22.04.

Uninstall Xtreme Download Manager

If you no longer require this download management application on Linux system, you can uninstall Xtreme Download Manager on Ubuntu 22.04. When you run the shell script to install XDM by following the above steps, XDM files will be placed in the /opt/xdman folder, which also contains an uninstall shell script. Executing these commands to uninstall XDM from Ubuntu.

sudo /opt/xdman/


In this tutorial, I showed you a way to install Xtreme Download Manager on Ubuntu 22.04, this one also helps you to uninstall Xtreme Download Manager on Ubuntu too. If you need any help, don’t hesitate to contact me by commenting below this tutorial. You can also go to this application home page if you need any help.