How To Uninstall or Install WPS Office Ubuntu 22.04

Updated: April 16, 2022

As we know, these days, Ubuntu has released the newest version Ubuntu 22.04 with many features. And similar to older versions of it, LibreOffice is still the default Office, which contains Docs, Sheets, Slides, etc. For Linux users who want to use WPS instead of LibreOffice, this tutorial will show you how to install WPS Office on Ubuntu 22.04, but It still also works on older versions too.

What is WPS Office?

For those of you who don’t know about, I will explain it. It is an all-in-one office suite with a high level of interoperability that is lightweight and feature-rich, it allows users to edit files in Docs, Spreadsheet, and Presentation. Do you know Microsoft Office? This is a productivity application alternative to Microsoft Office and works on both Windows and Linux.

What is WPS Office Ubuntu 22.04

Prerequisites to install WPS Office

  • OS: This Microsoft Office alternative can works on any Ubuntu versions or on any Linux distributions with more than 2GB of Ram.
  • Privileages: Make sure that you can run commands with sudo privileges

Install WPS Office Ubuntu 22.04

Step 1: Downloading from its homepage.

Because Ubuntu can’t install this Linux Office directly through APT or Snap Store, you need to download it manually from its homepage by following these steps. If you want to download it using commands to get it faster, you can copy the commands I mentioned below these pictures.

First of all, you will need to open your browser and then go to the WPS homepage to download the file to your Ubuntu computer.

Go to WPS homepage to download the Linux file

After that, click the Deb Package button, and the browser will automatically download the file which use to install WPS on Ubuntu.

For Linux users want to get WPS file by using commands, you can run this command.

sudo apt update
sudo apt upgrade

Step 2: Installing WPS on Ubuntu from downloaded file.

Now, we have the WPS Ubuntu installer package, we can now install it. We will start the installation process by opening your Terminal Emulator using Ctrl-Alt-T.

Change dir (cd) to the directory that contains the file you downloaded above and run this command to install WPS on Linux, don’t forget to replace the file name.

cd ~/Downloads
sudo dpkg -i wps-office***_amd64.deb

Start installing WPS Office on Ubuntu

Now, you installed this Linux application on Ubuntu. You can run it by searching in Activities Bar. In case you want to uninstall it on your Linux PC, you can follow the below guide to get it.

Uninstall WPS Office on Ubuntu 22.04

After a long time of using it, on a bad day you can’t get the app to start up, in this case uninstalling it is a necessary solution before reinstalling it. I will show you how to uninstall WPS Office on your Ubuntu 22.04. Executing these commands to uninstall it.

sudo apt remove wps-office
sudo apt autoremove
sudo apt autoclean

You can also use this command to uninstall it too.

sudo dpkg -r wps-office


In this tutorial, I showed you how to install WPS Office Ubuntu 22.04, it also helps you to uninstall WPS Office on Ubuntu, too. If you need any help, don’t hesitate to contact me by commenting below, I’ll try my best to help you.