How To Uninstall and Install Postman in Ubuntu 22.04

Updated: July 16, 2022

One of the most widely used collaboration platform tools for testing APIs is Postman, which is available for installation on Linux, Windows, and macOS (application programming interfaces)… It assists you in managing your APIs at each stage of development, including creating, testing, publishing, and monitoring API documentation. I’ll demonstrate how to install Postman in Ubuntu 22.04 in this tutorial. Other Linux distributions and other versions of Ubuntu are also compatible with this guide.

Postman Ubuntu features

It’s popular because it have many features that others don’t have. Some features of this application are:

  • Convenience for users
  • Numerous functions: supporting all HTTP methods, creating workspaces, viewing response status, changing locations.
  • Possibilities for tracking requests

Install Postman in Ubuntu 22.04

Postman for Ubuntu is one of the most-used applications, so we’ll have many ways to install this application in Ubuntu. Each of them has unique advantages and disadvantages. Pick the installation method you think will be easiest.

Install Postman on Ubuntu using Snap

The easiest way to get Postman for Ubuntu is using Snap. Snaps are complete software packages that enable one-line installation of any application by containing both the binary and all necessary dependencies. Open your Linux terminal and enter the following command to install Postman using Snap:

sudo snap install postman

Install Postman on Ubuntu with Snap also has some features: The Postman application will be updated in the background whenever a new version is available, and you can remove it without much difficulty if you choose. Follow the steps below the tutorial.

Install Postman in Ubuntu 22.04 from its website.

Besides installing Postman for Ubuntu using the Snap store, we can also install this application from its official website. It can be difficult for some new users, but if you just follow these steps, you can get and install it easily.

Step 1: Open a command terminal

In order to install Postman on Ubuntu 22.04 or whatever other Linux distribution you are using, we will use the command terminal in this instance. Ctrl+Alt+T is the shortcut for starting the Terminal.

Step 2: Download Postman for Ubuntu

On its official website, we can get the most recent Postman installer file. Visit that website, then select the Download option. However, I’ve provided you with the command that you may use to retrieve it immediately using your command terminal in order to speed up the procedure and save time.


Using Postman for Ubuntu for the first time

Step 3: Extract the Postman installer

It is in archived form, so once you’ve downloaded it successfully, you’ll need to extract it. We will extract this file to a location where it won’t be erased in the future to avoid unintentional deletions.

sudo tar -xvf linux64 -C /usr/bin

Step 4: Add to system PATH

If you’re working in a directory without the Postman installer, you can call any program without pasting its complete URL by using the System Path. Run this command in the Ubuntu console to add Postman to the system PATH.

echo 'export PATH="$PATH:/usr/bin/Postman"' >> ~/.bashrc

Now, we will determine if it is installed correctly on your Linux OS by typing this into the terminal:


Step 5: Create a Desktop shortcut

Do you want to run Postman Ubuntu by typing the above command into the terminal when you want to use this application? Maybe not, so in this case, we will create a desktop shortcut. After that, you can easily run it by searching for it in Ubuntu Activities. To create a desktop shortcut, type this

sudo gedit /usr/share/applications/Postman.desktop

When the notepad appears, paste these lines into it.

[Desktop Entry]

Save the file and copy it to the Desktop folder.

cp /usr/share/applications/Postman.desktop ~/Desktop/

After copying it, you’ll need to open the Desktop folder, right click and choose Allow Launching.

Using Postman in Ubuntu

Enter Postman in the Activities search box, then click the icon to start the program.

Search Postman in Ubuntu Activities

A window similar to the one below will show up when you launch Postman for the first time and prompt you to sign in or create a new account. If you don’t have it, just make one. You can then utilize all of its functions after that.

Using Postman for Ubuntu first time

Uninstall Postman Ubuntu 22.04

Because we have some ways to install Postman in Ubuntu, you must choose the way to uninstall Postman Ubuntu which corresponds to the way you installed it.

If you install it using Snap, you need to run this command.

sudo snap remove postman

If you followed option 2 in this tutorial, you can remove the installer by typing:

sudo rm -r /usr/bin/postman


That’s it. In this tutorial, I showed you how to install Postman in Ubuntu 22.04, and I also showed you how to uninstall Postman Ubuntu. I hope you can do it. Don’t hesitate to contact me by commenting below the post. I will help you if I can.