Ways to Uninstall or Install mon on Ubuntu 22.04

Updated: September 7, 2022

“mon” is a tool for monitoring the availability of services. Services may be network-related, environmental conditions, or anything that can be tested with software. If a service is unavailable mon can tell you with syslog, email, your pager or a script of your choice. You can control who gets each alert based on the time of day or day of week, and you can control how often an existing problem is re-alerted. In this guide, I will show you how to install mon on Ubuntu 22.04.

Software Requirement

  • OS: mon needs Ubuntu 22.04 to work
  • Privileges: Check that you can run sudo commands.

Prerequisites to install mon on Ubuntu 22.04

Install mon Ubuntu 22.04

mon is one of the popular ways on Ubuntu now so that this tutorial will show you how to install it in various ways. Choose the one that you think is easy and you can follow.

Install mon using APT

This is a popular method for installing Ubuntu packages since it’s simple to understand, even if you’re new to Linux. Following these instructions to install mon on your Ubuntu.

Step 1: Update the APT database to download new packages from Ubuntu. Launching the terminal and entering the following Linux command:

sudo apt-get -y update

Step 2: Start installing the packages on Ubuntu 22.04. You can now install mon Ubuntu by executing this command in the terminal.

sudo apt-get install mon

Install mon using Aptitude

If you didn’t install Aptitude on Ubuntu, you need to install it by executing this command.

sudo apt-get -y install aptitude

After that, you can now install mon, just following these steps:

Step 1: The APT package repository cache needs to be updated before you try to install, update, or remove any packages. Update the APT database to download new packages from Ubuntu. Launch the terminal and enter the following Linux command:

sudo apt-get update

Step 2: Start the package installation on Ubuntu 22.04. After updating, you can install mon Ubuntu by pasting this command into the terminal and executing it.

sudo aptitude install mon

Uninstall mon on Ubuntu 22.04

Have you ever thought that uninstalling an application from Ubuntu is difficult? You are mistaken; Anyone can easily uninstall any program, not just mon.

If you installed mon using APT or Aptitude, you could uninstall mon on Ubuntu by following this step:

sudo apt remove --auto-remove mon

If you want to uninstall mon and remove its data and dependencies, you can also run the following command:

sudo apt autoremove --purge mon


In this guide, I showed you ways to install mon on Ubuntu 22.04 and ways to uninstall mon too. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you require any assistance. I’m delighted to respond to them.