How to Install and Uninstall Skype on Ubuntu 18.04

Updated: October 16, 2021

Due to Covid-19, Skype is now becoming one of the most popular communication applications in the world. It is a cross-platform app, which means you can use this one on Windows, macOS or Linux. You can use Skype for instant messaging, file transfer, making calls are more.

This guide provides two ways to install skype linux and a way to uninstall skype ubuntu completely. Choose the installation method that you think it is easy for you :).

How to Install Skype Linux on Ubuntu 18.04

Use Snaps to Install Skype on Ubuntu 18.04

Snaps are pre-configured software packages that are easy to build and deploy. They are safe to use and auto-update. They also work on all major Linux systems without modification because their dependencies are bundled. Microsoft also distributes and supports Skype as a snap package.

To install Skype on Ubuntu 18.04 using Snap we need to Open Your Terminal (or Ctrl+Alt+T) and run the following commands:

sudo snap install skype --classic

If you get this message, it means you have installed Skype completely. Install Skype Linux using Snap Store

Install Skype Deb Ubuntu

Using the skype deb package to install is a way to get skype for ubuntu, it helps you get the newest version, which has many features. But it may be hard if you are new to Ubuntu, follow this step-by-step guide, you can install it very, very easily.

Option 1: Using Ubuntu GUI

Install skype ubuntu using gui is very easy for beginner Ubuntu users.

Step 1: Go to Skype Download Center

To install Skype, we need go to Skype Download Center

Go to Skype Download Center to install Skype

Step 2: Choose Linux Skype

Choose Get Skype for Linux DEB option to download app

Choose get Skype for Linux DEB

Step 3: Go to downloaded folder

Go to downloaded folder and follow below steps

Step 4: Install software

We need to right-click and choose Open with Software Install

Right click and Open with Software Install

Step 5: Start Skype installation

Follow it’s steps to Install Skype Linux<

Option 2: Using Command Line

Install Skype Linux using command line is faster than traditional ways and it is often for advance users.

Step 1: Download the lastest version

Open your Terminal Emulator (or Ctrl+Alt+T) and download the lastest .deb Skype


Step 2: Install with dpkg

Use dpkg to install downloaded file

sudo dpkg -i skypeforlinux-64.deb

How to Install Skype Ubuntu 18.04

Uninstall Skype Ubuntu

In some cases, you want to uninstall Skype Linux on your machine. You can follow this:

Option 1: Uninstall Skype Linux installed by Snap

Snap provides you ways to install packages and it also help you to uninstall Skype Linux completely with one command:

sudo snap remove skype

Uninstall Skype installed by Snap

Option 2: Uninstall Skype App installed by DEB Package

To uninstall, please run this command:

sudo apt-get --purge remove skypeforlinux


In this post, I’ve shown you How to install Skype on 18.04 Ubuntu and ways to uninstall Skype when you need. Don’t forget to leave a comment below if you want :)