How To Change User Password in Ubuntu

Updated: March 5, 2022

Creating a Linux user with a password is one of activities you must do after installing Linux. Therefore, Linux also provides you with ways to change user passwords easily. This tutorial will help you to do it.

Why we should change User Passwords in Linux regularly?

  • Protect Linux from access gained by Keystroke Loggers
  • Preventing the misuse of passwords have been saved
  • Limits the number of users that may be hacked at the same time.

Change User Password in Ubuntu

passwd is a command that allows you to change user password from the command line. Don’t be put off by the command line’s appearance; it’s really straightforward. The following is an example of how to use this Linux command:

Step 1: Open your Ubuntu Terminal

Like executing other commands, passwd must also be executed in the terminal. Therefore, you must open it by using Ctrl-Alt-T

Step 2: Executing command to change User password

Once the terminal appears, we will start asking Linux or Ubuntu to change your password by typing the command passwd

Executing passwd to request Ubuntu change user password

Step 3: Typing your current password

After executing the above command, the system will ask you to enter the current password, note that the password will not appear on the terminal when you type it, so make sure to type it correctly.

Typing your current user password in Ubuntu

Step 4: Type the new User password

After typing your current password, Ubuntu system will ask you to enter the new password you want to switch to. It will ask you to enter password twice to make sure there are no mistakes as you type.

Entering new Linux password to change

Change Someone’s Password in Ubuntu

Similar to changing the password of your user account, changing the password of another user on the same machine can also be done easily.

Step 1: Open your Linux Terminal

First, we need to open the Ubuntu terminal to start making the password change request.

Step 2: Issue the command

After the terminal has loaded, we will need to type this command: sudo passwd {user} (where {user} is the name of user you want to change password). Then enter your root (super user) password.

Executing to change someone else password in Ubuntu

Step 3: Type the new User password

Enter the password you want to change for the other user. Once you’ve entered it, a new password will be applied to that user.

Typing new User Password of someone else


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